Friday, June 6

One Dress Three Ways with Adventures with Cupcake

Hello I'm Christine and I blog over at Adventures With Cupcake where I write about my adventures in fashion and beauty. We all like to buy items of clothing that are versatile to get our money's worth. Tops that can be worn with jeans and skirts. Skirts that can be worn in all seasons with the addition of tights. Dresses can be trickier to make a different outfit from each time you wear it. I thought I'd share some tips for ways to change a dress into a whole new look. I choose this Asos dress as it's plain and simple, the perfect base to add whatever takes your fancy!

Night out

Choose a statement accessory to go with, whether it be a headband, necklace or some killer shoes. Add more accessories that compliment your statement of choice. I went with a Crown and Glory headband with a small necklace and bag. I always thing that tights change the look a dress instantly. For night time I often go with sheer patterned tights especially if my dress if plain.  I pick my shoes based on on far I'll be walking as nothing ruins a night more than sore feet and blisters.
 Lunch Date

A lunch date or something you want to feel like you made an effort, add a cardigan and keep things simple picking key pieces to go with. As it is summer (or so I'm led to believe) I went for colours that would lighten up the dress for the daytime. Lighter coloured tights are perfect for when you want to feel summery but not quite ready to go bare yet. As this is Scotland you can pretty much get away with tights all year round.  


Chucking a jumper over a dress will instantly make it more casual, add a satchel and chunky shoes you've got another new outfit from the same dress. If your dress has a collar then pick a jumper that will make your collar stand out. I went for this black cat jumper to contrast the red collar peeking out and some collar clips which still give you the detailing of necklace without the faff of getting the necklace to sit right under the collar.

There you have it three ways to wear one dress. Which one was your favourite?

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  1. The casual outfit gets my vote - I'm in love with the cat jumper :)