Friday, June 12

It's Raining with Hello Sweater Club

Hello, my name is Sara! I write a blog called Hello Sweater Club where I post my creative adventures, design inspirations and the odd style post here and there. I’ve recently moved from Scotland to Japan and often talk about how things here compare to back home. Although the weather in Japan is normally fantastic, we’ve just hit rainy season and it oddly makes me relax a little. I actually miss rainy Scotland after a dry spell! Today I thought I’d talk about my not-so-stylish rain outfit and also share my of pick raincoats that I wish I owned.

It's Raining! 

I'm yet again faced with the eternal dilemma of whether to go for looks or practicality. Looks or practicality? Looks or practicality? 

One thing is for sure, legs dry quicker than fabric so a skirt or shorts is a must. Especially when you live in a warm country. Back home in Scotland though I normally opted for a knee length a welly boot over a flip flop. For me, more often that not, practicality wins. Mainly because I cycle everywhere. I actually go to work wearing least what’s on the inside stays dry. All I need is to take a change of shoes/bottoms...either that or buy a car. 

Needless to say I need to sort out my raincoat situation. At the moment I’m using this fetching turquoise cagoule, teamed with an animal patterned cap to keep the hood from going over my eyes. It all rolls up into one tiny bundle which can be neatly packed away in its carry pouch. For those of you who don’t want to look like me, here is my pick of what I wish I wore in the rain. 

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