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Baby's First Christmas with More4mums

Hi, I am Lynn Hogg and I blog over at more4mums on all things pregnancy and parenting. I run an ecommerce site offers stylish and affordable clothes and bras for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. You can find me over on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Please give me a follow and I will follow back. I see lots of mums getting very excited as this will be their baby's First Christmas and they are going all out to make it fabulous. Now this is all well and good but I can tell you now baby won't remember a thing about it !! All this excitement is really for you and the family so try and keep this in mind when planning the festive events. 

1. Routine, Routine, Routine.

I have never been a big fan of "Gina Ford" telling you when to feed, burp and make baby sleep. What we are suggesting is that you stick to what is your own routine. If your baby likes a nap around 12 - 2pm then don't expect a happy baby to be sitting up eating Christmas lunch at that time! This could be a perfect time for you to get your lunch and enjoy some time with friends and family. If your baby is a bit older and can join in the lunch then maybe schedule it for around 2pm after they have had a nap and will be happy and alert. Try and avoid getting baby over tired as they will get grizzly and grumpy . If they just won't sleep then just wrap them up warm and take a nice stroll out†with the pram - maybe a great job to delegate to dad or doting grandparents. 

2. Home or Away

What ever you are planning for Christmas you can be sure lots of people will want to see baby over the festive period. Remember that you don't have to see everyone on Christmas day itself, you can spread the visitors out around the festive period. If you want to be alone with baby and your partner then tell everyone, but be sure to let them know when you will visit or when they are welcome to yours. 

3. Food, Glorious Food

If you are hosting a Family lunch plan ahead and get help where you can. If your mum is a whizz with Crispy Roasties and gorgeous gravy then get her on board to help. Don't be afraid to ask for help and don't feel you have to spend all day in the kitchen and miss out on the fun. If at all possible I would advise getting someone else to do the lunch, you have enough to be getting on with at the moment! If you are Breastfeeding you may want to think about how and where you will feed. Remember to plan your outfit to make it easy to feed discretely - you don't want to have to undress to feed ! A pretty Nursing Top or Nursing Dress would be a lovely Christmas present to yourself and give you confidence. Find a big comfy seat and snuggle in with your baby, don't feel you need to hide away unless you feel uncomfortable feeding in front of others. 

4. Presents

At this age presents are really not high on the agenda. Your newborn baby won't care if they get a present or not and slightly older babies will just love the wrapping paper. We love Not on the High Street as they have a range of lovely, personalised gifts that you will treasure. 

5. Mementos

You will want to remember Baby's first Christmas so think ahead and make sure you take some lovely photos. I love a cute baby outfit so select something for the Christmas photos that you can then keep as a treasure. A family tradition in our household is to buy our children a new Christmas Tree decoration each year and as they get older they will love to hear about each decoration and the celebrations around it. I have even heard that when they leave home they get all their own decorations away to start their own tree. 

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